Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Upcoming Fabric Lines

I've said it before, and I am going to say it again: I love fabric more than I love to sew. I know I am crazy about fabric and I get made fun of (not in a mean way) for it sometimes. I just need to blog about some of the upcoming fabric lines that I am very excited about:

First, Urban Circus by Laurie Wisburn. Ok- now I am really about to hyperventilate. First Laurie posted some images on her blog- with 8 different prints (4 boyish, 4 girlish). I was SO excited about this! I was also naive enough to believe that I wouldn't go bankrupt because I could just get a yard of 3 of the boyish prints..... well in looking for the link to this collection - I have just learned that there are other designs and colorways in this collection! It is all so adorable, tasteful - and not too babyish! (I wish that I could post pictures instead of just providing the links - but I cannot do so without permission.)

Second, I receive the Hawthorne Threads newsletter through email every Monday. I was really thrilled when I saw a few prints from Urban Zoologie. I am not crazy for the owls at all, but it's the whale prints that keep me up at night! I absolutely have been obsessed with whales since a very young age. In third grade I wrote a very wild and imaginative story called "Annie and the Whale" - I still have it in my scrapbook right now. I consider the day Nick and I went on a whale watch out of Gloucester to be the fourth best day of my life (1st: wedding, 2nd: birth of Gregory, 3rd: playing with baby lion cubs at a farm in South Africa - in case you were wondering). To this day, I often have dreams about swimming with whales - and to be honest - it kind of freaks me out a little. Anyway, if you are still reading this blog post, hopefully you are not thinking about that horrible book (the first and last book I will read by Wally Lamb) - I do not identify with whales like that protagonist did!

May 28, 2009 Humpback Whale, Gloucester, MA

Moving on, I am also really excited about Moda Bliss. The best way to get a view of what this collection is like is to see this quilt top over at Comfort Stitching. I am not crazy about all of the prints, but I think the style and color palette would make a timeless Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

For all the Meadowsweet fans out there, you might be excited to know that Meadowsweet II is coming in July/August. I love the colors even better than the first version.

Finally, I think that the upcoming Dr. Seuss fabric is adorable. Apparently such fabric has been released before and is now going for a billion dollars on EBay.

There are a few fabric lines that just came out that I have been eyeing: Tufted Tweets, Castle Peeps, and Far Far Away II. A lot of online vendors sold out of these collections before they could even get the plastic wrap off of the bolts. I think that sewing for children is so much fun!

So with all of this amazing fabric available and coming soon, I have to wonder why people are still trying to pay $40+ per yard for Flea Market Fancy and older Heather Ross prints (these links are for fabrics priced at $180 per yard... that fabric better be made of gold!)


melisgm said...

So I love owls, but you're right this one's not my favorite. If they didn't have such BIG eyes, then we might be talkin lol. Love the whales. I LOVE the tufted tweets too. (You actually showed this to me while I was in MA. and it must have grown on me even more! Cause I really, really like it!) And I also like the castle peeps! Awesome post Laurie!

melisgm said...
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MadeByMeaghan said...

Laurie we are so on the same wavelength! I love fabric more than sewing too - although I love to sew of course! Those whales are so cute and I'm really keeping an eye out for fabrics for my nephew's quilt - obv has to be PERFECT! :) Also, I was at SOWA and saw this plain old blanket that was just a big sheet of HR camper van material for 35. I regret not buying it after seeing those etsy sales! I could pay for Buddy's law school with that! haha Great post!

Monet said...

The new Laurie Wisbrun colorways ARE amazing...and they are so YOU!

Also, I'm glad to see how much my FQ of gnomes is worth.