Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finished pillowcases and hexagons!

As hoped, I did finish those pillowcases on Tuesday night, and here they are:

This is the conversation I had with my husband when he saw the finished project.

"That's a lot of pink." (me)
"I know." (Nick)
"Now you can be like your idol."
"That's true."
Nick had a youth leader in church whom he really looked up to. This man has had a great career and is now living his dream of traveling the world and serving others - but a funny footnote to the whole story is that this man's wife LOVES pink. When Nick was a teenager, he helped his father (he is a residential remodeler) redo this man's bathroom - all remodeled to be pink. We're talking pink bathtub, pink toilet... Apparently, the family even owned a pink car. So I am glad that I can help Nick become more like this person that he has really looked up to :)

Here's a sneak peek at the doll quilt I finally started... I am following the blog-craze of paper piecing hexagons. It is as fun and addicting as everyone says it is. As I write this, I am about to put the whole quilt top together - I finished the hand piecing last night. I was so into it towards the finishing stretch, that I accidently sewed my project onto the jeans I was wearing! Thankfully it wasn't too hard to undo.

This is a very untraditional color scheme for me, but the reasoning will be explained soon. I am REALLY excited about it!

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