Monday, May 31, 2010

Post #2 Liberty of London

Admittedly, this first picture has nothing to do with Liberty of London - but I couldn't resist. My hubby is done with law school and I am so happy for him. It probably means more sewing in my future due to less time spent with him (sad face) due to preparation for the bar as well as the time demands of the profession..... On to a sewing/fabric themed topic.....

I may or may not have bought this quilt a few days ago (hence the quest for that pillow- which was successful thanks to my awesome sister!).....

(I never, ever buy bedding for myself due to my constant quest to create my own, but I just couldn't resist this gorgeous print, especially at 50% off....)

I guess the reason why I did not blog about Liberty of London for Target sooner is because I wasn't very enthusiastic about buying lots of things at full price to cut up. But I happened to take a visit to the store the other day to return some things and noticed that all of the Liberty stuff was on sale- 50% off or better!

Here's a skirt that I bought for $3.24:

I found the time to seam-rip it recently when we drove to a friend's house. Definitely not my favorite activity and it did make me wonder about those people out there that are constantly taking Munki Munki pajamas apart just to sell or sew a pant or arm leg. Not my idea of fun.
Here's an extra large girl's dress with a version of my favorite Liberty print: Susanna.

Here's a close-up:

This is a close-up of a print I really liked:

I am hoping to convert this dress into a skirt for myself. If it doesn't work out, I will be happy to put the fabric into a quilt.
The easiest craftable item were the very large scarves- each one could easily back a baby quilt. I will definitely use the black and white one as backing because it wouldn't work as well cut into pieces.

Liberty of London fabric is super-expensive- ranging from $25 to $42 per yard. The major reason why it is pricey is probably due to it's very high thread count. The real fabric is super-soft and rich looking The Target version is definitely not as luxurious, but for a few dollars and some seam-ripping, I am definitely willing to go this route.
Good news: from what I can tell from the Target website, more Liberty stuff will be hitting the stores in June or July. I guess I will look for it in August/September!


Monet said...

The baby looks sooooooooo cute!!

Melinda Shaha said...

Congratulations on graduating! What an accomplishment! I loved the pics of your little Gregory too! I thought he looked like Nick at birth, but now he looks like you! Hope you are fabulously happy!