Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Box Exchange

So when I am typing this post, the above picture is really just a scrambling of letters and symbolds, but when I "publish" the post, it's coming out as the intended picture.... I still don't know what's up.....

But anyway, this is a block I recently completed for my quilt guild block exchange. I had to add a dark blue fabric to the white print that was provided. I don't have a lot of dark blue fabric, so this polka dot print was the best that I could do. I really like this block- it was easy to do and I think would translate really well with modern fabrics.


kanewoman said...

The scrambled letters are probably html - if you look you probably have two tabs and you are writing in the edit html tab. Maybe try hitting the "compose" tab? Bet you didn't know I stalked your blog! Love it!

Dresden Lane said...

Hi Sister Kane-

Thanks for the tip- you were right! I feel silly that it was so easy.... Thanks for checking out my blog- sometimes I wonder if anyone reads it at all. Not even my own mother reads it!!!!