Friday, May 14, 2010

Awesome mail day and.... what happens when my kid takes a nice long nap and the house is already relatively clean.....

One night recently, when I couldn't sleep (I took too long of a nap that particular day: due to my son's latest nocturnal antics) I got on the computer and checked my fabric swap group. A woman from Australia had barely petitioned her fellow swappers to trade some Katie Jump Rope for her Paint-By-Number Birds. I had all 3 of the prints she was looking for and a few weeks later: 1.5 yds of the bird fabric arrived on my door! I am so thrilled! This stuff is so unique. I already have some paint by number deer, and there's a particular quilt on Flickr that has given me inspiration for what I can make with mine. Anyway- this package sent me over the top, as I was already in a great mood.... I had just managed to transform this:

into this quilt top.... in one afternoon!

It's so simple and goes fast thanks to chain piecing. I am going to quilt it soon, as it is due at a baby shower in just a week's time.
I have to confess I have been feeling a little down on myself lately because I have been comparing myself to other bloggers/sewers out there who whip out quilts and even patterns for quilts in a matter of days even as they're raising little ones. I know so many people out there think that stay at home mom's sit around and watch Oprah all day. My choice to quit my job and raise my son full time was met with some envy, a little skepticism, and a tinsy bit of derision by my coworkers. One guy asked if I was "bored all day" when I came to the office for a quick visit a few months ago..... I have honestly never been more busy in my life. I did MUCH more sewing and reading before Gregory was born..... I am not trying to complain but just vent a little. Many of you who know me understand that I waited a lot longer than I wanted to to have Gregory - so obviously I wouldn't change anything for the world!!!!! But I just have to say it feels really good to do something I love and enjoy once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Having raised five children, I vouch for the importance of taking care of oneself.......physical, emotional and spiritual. Being a parent takes great courage. You are a courageous woman and your son is lucky to have you. Let no man judge who has not hiked in your boots!
March on.......xo

Jeannette Bruce said...

So glad that you got the birds from me in good time! I so can relate to the feeling of being down on oneself about the lack of getting things accomplished. I have a 15 month old and am a stay at home mom and to be quite frank, I feel like I barely get through the days sometimes let alone get a minute to myself. I am convinced that every child requires different amounts of work and that some moms put more of themselves into raising their children or at least get different amounts of help from others as well. Don't let it get you down and don't worry about what others are doing--they are not walking in your shoes! It sounds like you really care about what you are doing and feel that it is important to be there for your child. Good on you and good luck in getting moments for yourself to refresh and revitalize!