Monday, May 17, 2010

Another girly quilt... the beginning or the end?

Thanks for the supportive comments on the last post. I've never been the kind of person who thinks that I can have it all and be it all.... There are seasons in life for everything.

So originally I was going to post about the weekend which included a quilt show and some great vintage fabric found at a yard sale. But I am too excited about what I worked on yesterday and today..... (when I should have been quilting the quilt pictured in the previous post), but anyway, I had fun pulling pinks, yellows, and oranges: to make this:

the whole process evolved..... I originally was going to do just one "princess and the pea" square, but I couldn't stop myself from continuing the process.

I used the "wonky log cabin" technique - and found myself really enjoying it. I took a very "improvisational" approach and just cut, sewed, and ironed as I went along with the project. There wasn't a lot of planning/design involved.

This quilt has a lot of my favorite fabrics in it: AB pink coriander, AB pink wallflower, Erin McMorris Park Slope birds, and Sandi Henderson orange apple dot. I counted 9 different fabrics in here that I have received from various online fabric swaps which I keep talking about.

Now, originally the plan was to make this for a future baby girl of a friend.... but I had so much fun doing this and have so many great fabrics to continue this process, I am thinking about continuing.... making it into more of a throw/lap/twin size quilt for myself? What do you think? Is it too juvenile? I just love it so much because it's a unique composition and truly speaks "modern" to me....

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Ruth said...

I love that! All those great fabrics you included in there, I would have to keep it or make two :)