Friday, April 09, 2010

Which ones will she choose?

My SIL, Missy, will be surprised to see this post dedicated to her. She is the only woman in my family who has not received this purse yet. (Although there is the exception of my youngest sister who wouldn't be caught dead carrying any type of bag that wasn't black). She did admit that she was "kind of wondering" if she might receive one soon.... so I told her I would do something extra special for her and let her choose the fabrics. Feel free to comment and tell me which ones you think she should choose:

#1 Amy Butler green/gray Daisy Chain combo:

#2 Sandy Henderson Meadowsweet green/brown/orange combo:

#3 Amy Butler Love in the Heart Pallette combo:

#4: A mix of greens from my stash:

#5 Jessica Levitt's Timber in sky:

Cast your vote soon so I can get sewing!


life on the move said...

i vote for the amy butler green or just the one from your stash

melisgm said...

Oooooh! I'm sooo excited! Thank you so much!!! Well I obviously love the Amy Buttler daisy chain combo... you know me well. But I think I'm gonna branch out and go with the Orange and brown pallet... hey there's green in it. :) LOVE YOU TO DEATH AND THANK YOU!

Anja said...

I vote for the mix of greens! So fresh!

Jen said...

Really love the green prints (especially with that KJR!), but I vote for the Meadowsweet. I've been sewing with it this weekend--love it!