Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fabric Fun and Funnies

I recently bought a clearance quilt kit that had a lot of great fabrics, including discontinued Flea Market Fancy, Amy Butler, and Heather Ross. It also had some normal colored solids and a light green spotted print. But lurking amongst those useful items, was this: My friend thought it was a floral, I thought it might be some sort of psychadelic sunset, but instead, it was DUCKS!!!! I know there's a lot of ugly fabric out there, but this has definitely got to be one of the front-runners.

Here's a peek at the pretties I got at our last New England Quilt Guild Meeting.
I have to reiterate my excitement about this group. Everyone is just so nice, friendly, and down to earth. I volunteered to be an officer - just to make myself get to know people better and maybe share some ideas. I will be working with a few other ladies in the role as vice president. Not sure of what it all entails, but I am excited.

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Anonymous said...

You're going to be a great addition to the NEQG! You have a soft strong presence and alot of great ideas......looking forward to meeting again soon.