Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Estate Sale!

Hi everyone. If you live in New England, hope you are enjoying this nice springy weather. Spring definitely snuck up on me, though I doubt it is here to stay. Makes me wonder how much sewing I might get done, because when it's nice outside - I love to go on walks..... and just not stay inside.

Anyway, I have had some majorly annoying sewing issues - which is why I am doing this blog posting instead of sewing. My sewing machine was in for it's yearly tune-up for the past week, and now that I have it back - it's still acting up and creating awful loopy stitches. I am pretty upset with the guy who supposedly cleaned it. When I sat down to sew with it, little clumps of lint/dust fell down around the needle area. Of course, this makes me suspect that the guy didn't even test it out after he'd cleaned it...... Also, for two days I had serious issues with my rotary cutter- it wouldn't even rotate!!!! I bought a new one (which wouldn't work) and then had several people look it over - with no luck. Finally, in desperation - I headed off to a local quilt store to see if a lady could help me..... But I got sidetracked on my way there when I spotted an estate sale. It was being run by a "professional" (someone who is hired to run an estate sale for a family) - so I didn't get as low prices as I might've liked- but I still made a major killing in some awesome stuff to repurpose for sewing:

Here are some pictures of the goods:

In this one, the heart pattern is actually a vintage apron. the yellow/orange floral print is a dress. The red material is actual fabric.
I've always heard of people using sheets as white sashing or backing for quilts. Many traditionalists are against the practice, but I figured I might as well try. These are all twin size, brand new in the package - but probably date back several years ago. I am hoping this means that they are of a higher quality than what is made nowadays.....
And finally, the JACKPOT! I almost died when I saw these!!!!!! It's two parcels of 4 yards of fabric (each) - brand new all made locally in Lowell!!!!! I knew if I only walked out with these, I would be happy.

Here's a closeup of the blew fabric. Crowns! Lions!

I also asked if I could take down and purchase two curtains that were hanging up in the basement. They agreed, and here's what I came home with:

My favorite are the trees, then the duck pond. Some parts of the curtain are unusable, despite throwing everything into the washing machine. But I definitely have enough for a quilt - if I fussy cut the designs and frame solids/prints around squares.
So all this stuff, plus a white sweater - for $15.... Not too bad. Believe it or not, I refrained from buying a tin full of thread- I am drowning in thread from all of my exploits last year....

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