Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fabric swapping....

So I have been trying to deny that this blog is about fabric, but let's face it- I am probably more obsessed with fabric than I am with actually sewing with it.... I know that's kind of sad and it makes me feel shallow sometimes and at the very least, materialistic (pun intended). But there's just no fighting it anymore. I recently read a fictional novel about a quilter who referred to women's fabric obsession as a "benign illness" - and I definitely believe it! 99% of this blog's readership are friends and family who don't sew or care to sew- but trust me, all the sewing blogs out there are all about talking about fabric and showing pictures of one's stash. Many post a weekly photo of pieces from their stash just for the reader's viewing pleasure- so I am not alone.

But hey, what's wrong with enjoying something as innocent as cute cloth? I just finished a long stint of social work and volunteering abroad where I was surrounded by heartbreaking human suffering- I think I have used sewing/fabric as an escape - when life gets so serious, you need something else to give you a reprieve.

So anyway, I am going to stop apologizing for my fabric posts and just do them when I feel like it- while keeping in mind my self imposed reminder to get busy using all this good stuff!

This is a picture of fabric I have received in the mail from fellow sewers in an online fabric swap. It's so great because I have traded fabric I had too much of or was tired of, and got great stuff that I really wanted! Everyone's been so nice and generous- it's been a lot of fun and a lot cheaper than just buying new fabric!

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