Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tie Onesie

Possibly one of the only cute baby boy "accessories," out there: the illustrious tie onesie. I almost made this one before Gregory was even born because I thought it was so cute! (But I didn't even know if I was having a boy- so I didn't).

This project was so easy, it actually took me longer to decide on what fabric to use than to actually make it. I finished it in 15 mins. He wore it today to church and it was a big hit! For all the family who read this, here's some cute pictures of my guy sporting the duds. I found this picture hilarious because he never wears hats and he hates them- but he looks so cute in a little beanie. He wore it for all of 10 seconds.

This was this morning when he had a short little nap before we left for church.


life on the move said...

Laurie that is adorable! It is even more adorable because it is on the cutest grandson ever! Love ya!

Dresden Lane said...

Thanks Julie!

melisgm said...

AWWWW! That is sooo CUTE!!! I say this every time, but I CAN'T wait to meet him. He is such a beautiful baby!