Monday, September 14, 2009

Nursery Revealed

So I have been absent from this blog for a while because I have been too busy sewing. Good excuse, right? Well, the nursery is nearly done. I say "nearly" because I made the mistake of looking at others' nursery sets online and got the idea that I need to make a pillow to put on the glider rocker..... We'll see. But anyway, this last week I made two curtains from a great book
my only complaint was that the pattern claimed the curtain should only take 2 hours. Yeah right! It takes that long to just sew the sides- which required hand sewing. Anyway, I am really pleased with how they came out.

On this curtain, I originally had two different colors of ribbon going down the seams - chocolate brown and apple green but ended up sewing brown on top of the green because the brown looked so much better. It really beat having to seam-rip it all out.

I wish I could take better pictures- I tried all sorts of different lighting with little luck. I need photography lessons!
Here are the bumpers setup in the crib that I made a while ago.

Another project that has kept me busy was getting the binding on the quilts after receiving them from the long-arm quilter. A kind friend helped me put the binding on one side and then I spent many hours hand sewing the other side. I actually got a blister from all the hand sewing, but it was the perfect relaxing kind of project for me as I am nearly 9 months pregnant!

Finally, here's the whole room put together. One for a baby boy, another for a baby girl. I know it's seriously lacking some wall decorations- but don't worry, I am not going to make some cheesy quilt-y wall hanging type of thing..... I am tossing around a few ideas and other ideas


mmm... said...

it's all so cute! you are amazing! i cannot wait to see what you're having. just a few more weeks - if that! congratulations and good job!

melisgm said...

Wow Laurie. I'm really impressed with the bumpers. They look so good. The quilts turned out amazing too. Love it.

Unknown said...

Wow. You'll have things covered no matter what! Lol. And for future kids, too. I'm amazed that you could do all this at this stage in your pregnancy. I got those energy bursts, but near the end all I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch online episodes of the Office and eat chocolate :)