Thursday, August 06, 2009

What I have Been Up To

Nick and I found out about an awesome sale at a grocery store. We bought 87 boxes of cereal- each box cost 10 cents a piece- a few varieties were 50 cents each. A sale like this seems to come around about every 6-12 months- so we take advantage of it when it comes around! We eat a ton of cereal, and I am not about to pay $4 a pop for something that lasts us both about 3 days..... We also got 48 bags of specialty Chex mix bags for about 25 cents a piece. We always brown bag our lunch, so it's nice to have a fun snack to tuck in with all the fruits and veggies we pack.

So things like this tend to take up my crafting time after work- I have also been dealing with the fatigue of pregnancy- it's all I can do to get through the work day most times at this point. I shocked myself this past Monday when I actually sewed for 4 hours- that was the pace I was going at pre-prego-ness. I managed to sew up 12 burp cloths, complete a portable changing pad/diaper case, and nearly complete the Birdie Sling I have been working on for a while. Pictures of those things are coming soon..... But meanwhile, I wanted to share some adorable handmade baby gifts I have recently received.

These sweet sweaters were knitted by a friend of mine. The picture doesn't capture the "apple green" of the first sweater. I love them! For my birthday, my sister-in-law sent me these CUTE bibs she made from the pattern found in Amy Karol's Bend the Rules. My fave is the third one on the second row- I am a sucker for fruit-themed patterns for some reason.

Finally, Missy also made this adorable Ruby Doll. You can find the free pattern here. I absolutely love her- hopefully I have a boy, then I won't have to share her.
More posts coming soon!


wishesUT said...

Really? Cereal for $.10? Wow! I never find deals that great around here and I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper. Usually the best I can do is about $1.00 a box. I'm impressed.

Dresden Lane said...

General Mills does a promotion now and then where their cereal is 2 for $4 but if you spend $30 (based, confusingly on the before the sale price) then you get $15 worth of coupons off of your next order. SO- basically- if a cereal is originally 3.29 a box- you buy @ 10 boxes and get all the coupons back- and when you do the deal a second time, you only pay $1 for the next set of 10. I find that these deals are found at the larger chains and more "fancy" grocery stores- smaller grocery stores don't get the promotions from the major brands.