Sunday, June 28, 2009

Latest project and awesome yard sale find

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I posted last. Things have gotten busier with having Nick back in town. I am not sewing as much because it still feels like a novelty to have him around and we have been having fun playing board games, going on dates, going to yard sales, and keeping up with our "side business" of selling books, music, and movies online. I think I am also sewing less because I have entered the fatigue zone of the third trimester where it's not comfortable to sit or stand too long and a full day at work zaps most of my energy, thus I am less productive in the evenings. But I have a zillion things I want to do! They include:

  • Using up a lot of my batting/stuffing that I have loads of from yard sales (Nick forbids me to buy anymore but I can't resist, plus it's funny to see the look on his face when I show him yet another bag of polyester stuffing). I really want to make lots of burp cloths and pillows. I really need to get going on this because of the need to clean out the craft room soon!

  • I started another Amy Butler Birdie Sling with a friend of mine. All the pieces are cut, I just need to attach the interfacing before I go to her house tomorrow to hopefully finish it up.

  • I have a few purses that need the hole in the lining sewed up, or magnetic snap closures inserted (something I couldn't do without Nick's help because those suckers are not easy to install).

  • I really want to finish the quilt that I showed started from the previous post because I am itching to have something new for the bed.

  • I want to make more baby stuff for myself: burp cloths, bibs, a portable changing pad, nursing cover, etc. I am even debating a simple curtain to go with the boy/girl sets I have made.

  • I need to put binding on the boy/girl quilts I recently received back from the longarm quilter- I am thrilled with her work and can't wait to make the blankets complete!

I could probably make a very long list of the free online tutorials I want to do, but researching that out is a project in and of itself.

We had our last sewing group before the summer recently and it was a huge success. A friend of mine did an awesome job organizing everything and we had the highest attendance yet. We made breakfast themed felt food and it is adorable, easy, and very affordable. Here's the set I came home with:

I came home with at least 30 unfinished strawberries, just because there was a lot extra. I find it relaxing to make them while I am watching a movie or something (each one takes about 5 mins of hand sewing). This activity was such a hit, I think it would be fun to do "lunch" and "dinner" themed felt food in the future.

Finally, here's probably the best crafty yard sale find I have found yet:

Isn't it gorgeous? I know the picture is not great, but it will do. I am thrilled! The fabrics look like they are from the 1940's - it's in impeccable shape, no stains, tears. It's ready to go. I am going to get some backing for it on my next Marden's trip and just get it done. The most shocking thing about it is that when I found it, I told Nick- hey, I don't care if this is $20-$30 (which would be a steal in and of itself, but it is a lot to spend in a yard sale when we mostly spend a dollar here and there) and then the lady sold it to me for $1.50!!!!! I couldn't get my money out fast enough!

I hope to be posting more soon....

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melisgm said...

$1.50 That's crazy! Good job.