Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowy Weekends and Corporate Snobbery

When the weather is like this:THIS, is what happens in my house:

Above, is the quilt top I made out of Heather Bailey freshcut fabrics from the "Hip Baby" pattern I found at a quilt store when I was in UT for a friend's wedding this past fall. It was A LOT of cutting (probably the first quilt I have ever made that wasn't "strip" piecing) but it was pretty easy. I am going to save my pennies to get this longarmed because I am too proud of it to ruin it with my very poor machine quilting skills (or lack thereof).

I made these two purses yesterday, same pattern of the one I made my sister for Christmas. Can you notice the difference between the two? (The one on the right has a shorter lip than the first). Which one do you like better?
And finally, Amy Butler's "Birdie" Sling pattern, this is the outside:

Here's one side of the inside:
The fabric is Heather Bailey's Pop Garden- a kind and generous gift from my hubby.
I know, I know. I have been making a lot of purses lately but I cannot help it. They are so fun and a lot more sewing than cutting (hello quilts!).
Onto disappointing news: I just learned that Westminster fabrics is putting a price hold on all of their fabrics. Basically, starting Feb 1, all of their fabrics cannot be sold for less than 9.50 per yard for a full year. They are not increasing their wholesale prices, their reasoning is to make their fabric a "premium brand." It's a way to take away the competitive edge online retailers have, most specifically Their prices are generally 7.50 a yd, whereas local quilt stores sell for closer to 9.50. I have to say that I would LOVE to buy my fabrics from local quilt stores but I do not because:
a. they are few and far between (the closest one to me, that doesn't sell 'country' fabrics, is a good 45 minutes away.
b. their hours are impossible to accomodate (hello people, I have to work to be able to afford to buy the fabric)
c. if they by a very small chance, happen to carry the brands/designs I prefer, it is usually in the least attracive color pallette because they get so picked over.
Anyway, I am also disappointed because I have been planning and scheming to open up my own online fabric store. I guess when I do, I probably will not be carrying Westminster. (Another negative aspect of their policy is that retailers have to hang onto stock that isn't selling, rather than trying to unload it fast through a sale. Who has the space for that?!)


Chris said...

You are so talented Laurie! I love the pink pok-a-dot purse, so cute! I wish I had an ounce of your talent!!

Dresden Lane said...

Thanks so much! You are too nice.

Melinda Shaha said...

Okay, so i am just now starting to read your blog and I am totally amazed at your talent! Ian's quilt was amazing, so I should have known! But seriously - I can't believe I never knew you were so into sewing! I am so impressed with 1-your talent and 2-your focus and dedication to the craft!