Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coffee Cozy and Cash-less Wallet

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's. My husband graciously gave me lots of fabric for Christmas- but I will try to refrain from more fabric pictures and show you some of my latest projects. I have been sewing up a storm on this snowy weekend. I am working on a baby quilt today and I am cruising right along. I find it REALLY hard to stop doing a project I am in the middle of- but I needed to take a break. So I am posting a couple of posts from crafts from the holidays- those will appear this week.

In the meantime, I made these last night for Heather, one of my coworker's, for her birthday that is coming up this week.

On the left is a "cash-less wallet." I think next time I make this, I will make it wider in order to fit business cards more easily. The pattern is from, you guessed it, Bend the Rules.

On the right is a coffee cozy from a free tutorial on I found online here. I still need to test it on a cup to see if it will fit right.

Both of these are made from Amy Butler's Lotus fabrics that I received for free from an order of fabric from my favorite online fabric seller. Finding fabric I like where I live is not easy- all of the quilt stores have odd/impossible hours and very "country" type selections. Plus buying fabric online is $2-3 cheaper a yard than what you find in the stores, which more than makes up for the cost of shipping.....

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