Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thrifty Sewer: The Miser

Amy Karol's book: "Bend the Rules Sewing" explains that there are 4 kinds of crafters: the perfectionist, the artist, the miser, and the speed demon. I've decided I am "the miser." Karol explains,

Can you work miracles reusing fabric? Do you thrift like a demon and have an amazing knack for sensing a yard sale a mile away? Misers can see project potential in cast-off items and can make gifts from pennies. The flip side can be a tendency not to cut enough fabric... If you thrift fabric, often you have little control of the quantity. So you tend to have not quite enough. (Or you are being a miser, and don't want to use it all). Misers will undercut the fabric, making it stretch as far as it can go. But scrimping on seam allowances comes at a price: no matter how clever you are, you cannot make up for not having enough fabric. Attention misers: Stop waiting for the "perfect project," keep your fabric stash in check, and don't buy fabric only because it's on sale. Buy what you love- and use it liberally.

I don't think all of this applies to me, but it is true that I LOVE a good yard sale and often eye the goods in a thrift store with the intention of cutting up the clothing, not wearing it.

So I decided to change my blog up a little, as you may have already guessed based on a few of the most recent posts. Since my full-time job seriously interferes with my life, I don't sew as much as I'd like to. Also, most of the projects I am working on right now are Christmas presents that I need to keep secret till after Dec. 25.... So I am changing things up a bit by posting yard sale finds (related to crafts) and maybe I will do some other different themes- like posting favorite handmade posessions that I didn't make or things I made a while ago- just to keep this thing current. I recently scheduled a ton of posts- and it is kind of fun to check my blog and see a new post that I had scheduled recently.

Anyway- over the past weekend I made these "simple bibs," also from Bend the Rules. I used some of my vintage fabric and applied adhesive ribbon meant for scrapbooking (I hope it washes okay!) I gave them to my friend Lindsay who is going to have a baby boy in about two weeks.

And finally, here's the AWESOMELY groovy quilt top I got for 2 bucks last weekend:

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