Friday, September 05, 2008

A Pillow & a Purse

I am VERY happy with the way this pillow and pillow cover came out. I am in love with the fabric that matches my Christmasy living room (we have a green couch and red chairs- I promise you it is tasteful and not as tacky as it sounds). The pattern came from Emma Hardy's Sewing in No Time Book. It is a GREAT book. The pattern said it should take 1.5 hrs to make, but I took about 4 hours. I was trying to be really careful because over the last week I have managed to royally mess up 3 purses due to my not being careful enough as I worked.
I was proud of how the pillow form came out because I almost bought one, as I had read on one of the crafty blogs that you should buy really nice pillow forms. I found the ones available at Joann's were flimsy and relatively expensive for what you get (it's a square stuffed with polyester stuffing people!)

This is one of the purses I kind of messed up on but I was able to fix it. It's going to my friend Christie in Florida. I am posting this before I send it with the assumption that a 4th year dental student probably doesn't have time to check her dorky friend's craft blog.
I have been working on hand quilting a baby blanket for a few weeks now and I just need to buckle down and get it done! I also have another African themed cross-stitch that is nearing completion! More to come soon.....

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mmm... said...

Hey Laurie,
So I think you are way talented. I was thinking about talking to you about business. You see, I keep seeing these super cute pillows at Pottery Barn, but they are just way too expensive, but I love the colors and everything. And I really love these pillow covers you made for you blog. So I was curious if I ordered the material I wanted and got the deminsions of the pillow, if we could pay to make us pillow covers. We already have pillows we would just cover them. What do you think? email me and we can talk about it. But I really love the work you do. Do you sell any of it on Etsy? Well, you should.