Friday, August 22, 2008

I have a usable craft room, yay!

Here's my sister modeling the bag I helped her make a couple weeks ago. I can't show the one I made yet, because I want it to be a surprise for one of my friends who checks my blog sometimes. I bought the pattern book at JoAnn's- "Gooseberry Patch: Sew Simple, Thoughtful Gifts & Easy Accessories." It took us the bulk of a day to make both bags, which wasn't too bad. After I finish writing this, I am going to start on another because it was a fun bag to make.
The biggest reason why I haven't been posting lately is because I have been really busy cleaning up this:

Can you believe how bad this is? It was really out of control. I have to admit, and you can tell from many of my previous posts, that I've dome more accumulation of crafts than actually doing the crafts and this mess is the end result (combined with trying to cope with a crazy, stress-filled full-time job). But with the gracious help of my hubby, we were able to do this:

The wooden shelving unit is actually on wheels! We got it at a yard sale from a lady who had used it in her yoga studio. It is PERFECT. The shelves behind it are those wire kind that clip together all cube-like. Like this: (the fabric is somewhat color coordinated, ooh, aahhh!)
This is my favorite decorating touch, displaying thread in a little trinket shelf.
And last but not least, I decided to use one of my favorite cats Cheetos (that lives at my parent's house) to show what I won from a quilt shop right after the quilt festival. Emily and I searched out Candelite Quilts (Chelmsford, MA) to find fabric for her bag. Amazingly, I didn't buy anything there, but Emily had the chance to enter a drawing because she purchased her fabric there. And I won! 10 Fat quarters in a yellow/orange/red theme and some snazzy new scissors. I am thrilled and am seriously wanting to sign up fo some of their fall classes.

I think this picture is hysterical, but my husband doesn't get the humor. If you agree with me, you'll really get a kick out of this website:

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wishesUT said...

Wow! Your room looks really great. I think I need you to come out to Utah and help me get organized. Congrats on your winnings!