Saturday, June 28, 2008


My sewing machine is truly broken. I am going insane because I have been too busy to get it to a shop to be fixed. Hopefully sometime next week I will be able to figure it out.

In the meantime, here's a sampling of my latest crafty yard sale finds:

I noticed a guy was selling a sewing machine, so I went ahead and asked him if he had any sewing stuff. He proceeded to find these two old sewing baskets filled with notions- most notably thread and buttons! I was thrilled. He also had a brand new Vera Bradley purse and coin purse - which he threw in with the sewing stuff, all for only $5! (The extra bonus is that I am selling the purse on eBay right now- hoping to make a profit.)I am drowning in thread now- but I can't stop hoarding it when I see it at yard sales for such cheap prices!!!!!!! I got these little cases for $3. Aren't they pretty?

One of the last sales of the day was when I hit paydirt. The person doing the sale was a retired Armenian tailor lady- very nice, but not too willing to bargain. Nevertheless, I got some awesome stuff. When I asked her about all of her thread, she informed me it was 4 for $1 - which honestly is not very great at all. BUT, I was able to convince her to sell all of it for $20! I wanted to count all of it to give an exact number of how many spools there are, but I got tired of counting after I reached 100. I would be willing to bet there is about 200 spools!

I noticed that she had a few things of fabric lying around, so I asked her about it. She led me into her garage where there was a pretty sizable stack, each piece being only $1. Most of it was not the kind of cotton blend I prefer to work with, but I was able to find some really cute things. It's all vintage stuff, which is kind of hard to find right now- so I am thrilled!

This one is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! The houses are my favorite. Today was like Christmas! I am so spoiled to be able to get all this stuff! Now I want to go and sew! I guess I will have to settle for working on my cross-stitch.

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